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It has always seemed to me that the many parts that make up the subject of biology are related to each other more like the nodes of a web than as a linear collection of independent topics. So I believe that the power of hypertext is better suited to learning about specific topics in biology than is the linear structure of a printed textbook. But I do recognize that if you are trying to learn biology without the guidance of an instructor, the organization (or lack thereof!) of my pages can be bewildering. So for those who want to begin the study of biology on their own, here is a list of the topics in my pages in what I hope is an order where one can start at the beginning and gradually build up a body of knowledge as you proceed through the list. In other words, here the topics have been ordered as they might be in a printed textbook.

One further note: while my preference is to study systems as they occur in both animals and plants, many prefer to study the organismal biology of plants separate from that of animals, and I have followed that pattern here.

This is a preliminary effort. Please let me know by e-mail if you find any topics that appear to be in the wrong category or not in a logical order.

The Chemical Basis of Life

The following pages examine some of the principles of chemistry upon which an understanding of modern biology depends.

The Molecules of Life

The next pages introduce you to the major categories of organic molecules found in living things.

The Cellular Basis of Life

How materials get in and out of cells

Cell metabolism

DNA: The Substance of the Genes

Gene Expression

Cell Division

The Genetic Consequences of Meiosis

Regulation of Gene Expression


Genomics: manipulating genes



Embryonic Development and its Regulation

The Anatomy and Physiology of Animals


Gas Exchange

Circulatory Systems

The Immune System



Sexual Reproduction

The Nervous System

The Senses



The Anatomy and Physiology of Plants

Plant Anatomy

Plant Physiology

Reproduction in Plants

Plant Development


Energy Flow through the Biosphere

Cycles of Matter in the Biosphere

The Growth of Populations

Interactions between Species


The Diversity of Life

Eukaryotic Life



General Science

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18 April 2014